Death by Large Heart

attached by a necessity for cash
to help alleviate a need to eat
and what to do to gain money
to do what it is to breathe and
enable time-control of one’s body

does free-time equal the defecation
of what doesn’t fall in line with
the majority of time used when living

as some machine would like requirements to meet
for possibly if it’s all met
then there’s no issue and everything runs smoothly
because I got to eat and need shelter over my head

but what if this house wasn’t the shape for everyone to live in
there’s always alternatives
but know, just know, those alternatives aren’t listed as majors
in the common university

there isn’t a well known job
for simply living
it doesn’t go that way down in history
it doesn’t go that way

in society
becoming the unwashed clothes
police don’t catch or
landlords don’t deal with
we are

the negative space
easily ignored easily
thrown away, trashed

where memory
is haunted with a poltergeist-itch
not easily felt nor seen
but is there

staring from the eyes of vacant windows
wondering if anyone else feels such dry-air out there

we are akin to what can’t easily be detected
what scientists prefer to leave to new-age
what categories between professions enable to keep
border-line personality differences in pay

away from the scene
where every shot
is made exact and cardboard
is an easy thing to role-model after
and high-school kids

don’t know any difference except they
are what they don’t fall into
possibly provide a good gpa and enter the
system like water crawling within the stem of a dandelion

sucked into focus and forming a seat out of this airplane cock-pit
they have babies

they mate and teach their children to abide the same
and to make change you can do it legally as such
to make sense you have to legally make it as much
everything else

can die off

and if that were true
and I am the die-off
then what a beautiful place
nobody apparently is moved enough to know


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