The System is also The System of Endless Suffering

The system is also the system of endless suffering. To take refuge, to be a refugee in the encampment of ending suffering of ending the system of suffering and its offspring systems, is to live among suffering, to be within and surrounded by suffering, but to not be of it. It is to be an alone-eye of the possibility for something different, for something new, while the surrounding systems, the surrounding worlds continue as if we weren’t there, only because, to be a refugee in the name of awakening, in the name of not participating in the systems of suffering, is to be in harmonious accord with the surrounding systems of suffering, in that, by not participating, by refusing to participate in the discourse of the systems, while still abiding within them, we make a road and we find a way, just as the diversity of nature requires all of its sentience to forge for adaptive means–moving into spaces not yet inhabited–refugees of awakening also must find adaptive means to remain harmonious within the surrounding systems while forging, and at times transmigrating towards spaces yet inhabited. We travel into the unknown, and as we do so, abiding within the similarity of the systems which encompass all directions, we make a difference by the quality of clarity being a refugee in the approach for awakening provides, and by allowing the attitude of not-actively-participating in the systems’ discourse, we propel forward towards a destination unknown. The object is not to attach temporary spaces with too much significance, but rather a light-touch, as a marker, cairn, or sign-post, as a communicative-notion of space, which makes our current location(s) obviously clear, only within the context of a direction in which the river of awakening leads us. The object is to look beyond and through the temporary perceptions of hardship and see the quality of space(s) we will be inhabiting as opportunities to remain true to the current of awakening. Look out at the horizon, to focus with a vision towards the skyline(s)–to allow the out-breath to be the gentle-breeze or the jet-fuel propelling our bodies outward into the next unfolding moment; and to travel in this way, is to travel as a refugee in the encampment of awakening; and renouncing the systems of endless suffering, we attempt to remain true to a possibility this world, this culture, this consumerism, this capitalism, globalism, machine, violence, keeps dead from the clarity of direct human experience. The systems are lies all of them. And when we make up our minds to join the encampment of awakening, we also admit ourselves to the hospital of deprogramming, because each and every system of suffering within us must be dismantled, and all of the systems within us become dismantled as we travel accordingly. But when a person is steeped in systems of endless suffering, having bought the dream of them, they need more parts of the dream to help reinforce other parts of the dream, making a very dense dream which compromises the psyche, splits it into normalized confusion, entrapping it, severing it, all while, building investments within systems, upon systems–and while the attitude towards awakening has never been established in the person’s mind, the inveted-imprisoned dreamer continues along never knowing a true difference. And when moments of clarity emerge towards remaining true on principle and integrity, when an awakened heart shines through the system(s), defining each one of us as being a good person and being human, which happens through the tightly-dense confines of the systems’ workings, (like sunlight suddenly piercing through the thick-dark iron core systematic-material, showing there is light to move toward), those narrow places emerging from the external environment and from hearts and minds of others, such moments can be utilized as directional sign-posts to staying close to the river’s unfolding clarity awake and free from the confines of systems’ endless sufferings. But again, the refugee of awakening has made it dead clear the direction chosen to go, while among, during, and within the conditions of the systems’ multitude of presentations and displays of concrete-illusions. Refugees of awakening, take a hit for it, we make a sacrifice to live this way, we renounce with a clarity of mind-difference, by approach and attitude, and we continue on remaining true. We need reminders at times, we need companions at times, we need a group-spirit of the refugees in the same encampment to remind us–but we must continue, continue along into the unknown, into spaces uninhabited, reading the signs which present themselves, and follow accordingly–and one day, perhaps one day, after many many many lifetimes of following the truth of the heart, the pathless path of awakening, we will discover ultimate freedom. Until then we make small victories everyday simply by being, reflecting, meditating, witnessing, extending the heart, bearing our burdens, listening to the earth, providing awakening-spirit, and miserly, humbly, follow the way free of conditions; simply say Yes to the light and walk forward (even if it appears overwhelming or crazy to the systems surrounding our required choices; courage is necessary unacknowledged bravery is required.


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