Sunlight poised over the shadow of transitory significance. Redwood tree haunts the margins
with its non-appearance. Behind parked cars. Memory arise, walk among the living. Removes thoughts from within the spine.

Upstairs on the phone. What cannot snap open when damaged screens withhold information. Earth tilt out of axis. To not over listen is to mind. Own. time brings
close to a person what it is to speak.

Distributing small pulses. Horizontal grass lands. Fire in a neuron on a mountain. Encapsulated spoon, spore, yogurt container holding rubber bands snap on the wrist. Use, tell what time says. Pink carpet in the room, elephants walk asphalt close to closet. Of all things required of shovels. Outback, trenches appear burying glass jars with paper inside. It would take too long to write everything those papers have written on them. Please enjoy the music while your party is being reached.


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