Accumulating speed space expanding. Isn’t seen inferred-sky-garden, dull-glinting objects figments easily dispersed blink of ants, away from warning. Wing-span dots beneath heat-vent snow-fall almost splotch reflected afternoon pond relaxed-precision, room to generate water, a surface for learning, moment-into-moment and what occurs. Experience travels within allotted light speed, zero below zero within zero’s o moving on throughout. Slowly attacking the immune system of conventions, replacing it without a seminar of straight-lines infused into software of neurology, but with bee song.

Now transparent transitions tightening upon existence’s exit. Behind the door more aura, less wiggle room of any reference of shadow-difference. Sequential, tonality. Monday is June. Listening to birds sing handles aperture of immediacy makes use of its life. When touched, touches concretely.


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