Now What Stands Before Us

They grow up to be thicket tall
but often it appears something is missing
some arrow of concentration circumnavigates
a person can assemble
and be neither unconscious nor uncompassionate.
And when a picture
is emptied of pixel it is not filled in but absorbed back onto the shelf
of framed conversations wanted for
initiated images
running under split-jet streams in puddle splashes
having insisted on nothing for family remembrance
disquieting examples of itchy necessities
to speak openly about
how life was a cave, how it might have
in the fire running heat throughout ventilation of moist walls
relieving games from tic-tack-toe to deflate boredom, not
easily putting away smoke as it rises
as it abruptly ponders the table
four stars gather around
eat from wooden soup bowls
with wooden hands, and when finished, smears
night onto blotched holes in the defect of what
cannot erase, but rather requires greetings
spontaneously wonderful
for the insects church-swelling in crevices
witnessing morning rise in the
ears of what it is to hear a self-reply.

But at times such insects
a complaint in quartz breaching scoffed-ruffled about
moisture of regret, not for what happened, or comparable scenarios off
soot of parallel dimensions but
for what was starved out of conversation
out of neglect due to limitations of malformed battery-systems of the subtlebody
never cultivated dark never raking out
transparent horses of sleepless twitches
of building windows belonging to the skulls of women and children
where horses were crammed in and dressed clock-face with bitter conclusions,
having never remorsed a wall as it was enforced into the abdomen,
spleen, liver, replacing voice-boxes with axes,
axes with assault rifles, assault rifles with invisibility cloaks,
tones of which broadcast ghosts of Africa, concentration camps, children
of which genetics train track cargo protecting the country
with supplies bottle drink swollen-ships of bloated lands
bruised to the bottoms of Atlantic-screams
islands of scattered emotions in the brain, pebbles
to find and skim over surfaces of east-coast beaches, behavior
as belief never taking shape into mammal
formation imploring wolf-spider holes in the ground
as an arrival of expectation,
in terms of posture of eye-sight, home,
strict in limitations un-exhausted
by measures of known fact, silence
of a doorframe behind an un-examined perspective
on inhabited pictures, complete exhaustion
fuels the trains of advertisement telling us
what’s too busy to do and what’s professionally lazy as
hands donated for the notification attributed to ability
by what brought deep-water into human circuitry
homage to the decorative laboratories of
birth canal someone’s wish
the body we all have.

Soon wooden-limbs of hands and feet
tables of skulls the chairs of tongues
will sharpen warped cries and grip
verdant-striped memories,
crows circle in a sky-basin, carbon-flakes
pile old clouds to light tires
strategic points through the approach,

sifts from the crack where a sill doesn’t quite join the ankle—
mutt-self-treaty of parts and internalized computer
intentioned calculating percentages of magic
to enhance temperature regulations according to presented lives
encountered not necessarily squandered procedures
of the tinker-lifting feet of this dragon.

And to wonder why the weather speeds up
each moment within each day,
resuscitating doppelgangers from buried mirrors of quadruple
grave sites of un-anticipated order
fundamentally intentions becoming skewed
parts of faucet designed elucidated failures combine
sparse leak frustrated prepared seconds shattering after
looking them
into retired angles

transforms seven into ninety
comfortable bed sheets income nurse scopes pillow yellow
paper sun ray pink breeze flower pollen old
inhale project lifetime self-defeating shallow closet-space,
interest hangs in the plucked eyebrows of a mentionable waste basket filled with pie
historical unaware tip-toes parallel the respiratory quality of
unacknowledged gills in what was the current
during bottom-dropped hells of automatic massacres, engines
rusting in the DNA, forging blank-spots on worked pieces of
tissue folds waxed into the wanes of melting mold between
open doors which spat
your undecayed corpse into the depths of the supposed societal norms.

It doesn’t help deliver further the spineless spine of inheritance
to the sane and unborn helpful medicine cabinets of
unadorned potential sockets
before squares are squares but can square just about any triangle of concern
setting out to snap-defined neglects
in forgotten pocks on marked roads provided by consciousness
assigned with marked plots of sign posts
to interpret difference where intention remains intruding-sky,
stand back and blink until beginning relays
unsought doors epiphany of light
what can never think but always present anything
upon the engagement of an open palm

rim of ancestry depletes habitual spots of
metallic-flesh and reason-attached-flashes
lose pale knuckled grip
what was protected against all costs of endangered loss
the bible, tears free from undead lips
passage after passage vacuumed out their throats
until dried prunes become the result of what’s left
punctured rubber-of-skin flaps on a flag-pole
in the middle of a desert during a mirage of
glaring into a hawk’s screech as it made its way for a vole kill.

Wormed information of retrieved seconds
visited the sanity squirm of identifying
necessary earthy-crawling constituents un-pine
cone pitted against orange street-marker of
oneself to gain a tagged underpass to loneliness and
stand beneath insatiable urges for intimacy.

Finally in convulse-thirsty, redesigns
street layouts and familiar with doom in constructed sunset
reduction second by second stone-adrenaline combustion
loosens misconstrued surveillance cameras gain pillar-dust,
remain more accurate to the curvature of what
actually is occurring, not a deserted valley
of experience of the decapitation of toes for having
a mythology of deserted homes walked a
decapitation of days and nights
homes to tell stories to keep equipment-physiological
uninhabited by decapitated watering-holes
to mud into mud on until
puddles grew camel-stuck
in the materials of sand
and the mysteries of a food-supply, finally
step away and materialize genetically stripped of
hand-me-down tongues and propose a new architectural layout for a city
for communication, friends, and family
nothing in the world resembles now what stands before us.


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