Where Birds Fly and Bears Roam

attempts are worth
research before they are made into stone
concrete can hypnotize
a decision to laminate
a pine cone to keep it as a relic
for a tasty morsel after dinner

the rat runs passed
silverware of brain
control at each segment of computer keys
and operative torques of a dial tone

a car will arrive providing a scenery
of desired hues
the ceiling will crawl down

and collapse into a zoo of animals
cotton bed and metallic springs
pop at all corners the mustard
dripping from the sides of a sandwich

drenches the plate of an extended wax hand
subject to melt
easy to see the undefined sky line
as its fallible convergences with time

wrinkles appear at the corner of the mountains
above the city
where birds fly
and bears roam

while the west coast
suffers from a drought
too much moisture
is also a problem

packed into a duffle bag
aging ascends to roller blades of a
cul-de-sac race
no longer of the pre

sent walls and tapestry
of a man and woman deity in union
I wouldn’t have it any other way

but wait at the un
sent throat of diameter
the one that remains connected
to a depth

without eyes

owls can see in the dark
continents march
molecules are redundant
they contain neighborhoods

worthy of a moment


One thought on “Where Birds Fly and Bears Roam

  1. i swiped a pine cone
    once, in 2009, off
    of Staten Island –
    the fabric of her
    fibonacci skirt
    made promises
    i knew she couldn’t
    keep if she left
    with me. six years
    later, she rests
    on a shelf in
    the kitchen,
    opening and closing,
    waiting to disperse
    entire worlds
    worthy of
    than our
    covetous moments


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