Outside beside the tea cup
mountains smaller than ants walk
to the edge of the table and fall
as a knife cuts through bread and bridges
formed from crumbs scatter across years
memories contain houses as light shifts
so do angles of windows how they
cohere here is a piece of silica here
a bead of obsidian today a blue sky now
thunder in the tea cup sprouting mountains


Hard of hearing a stone listens quietly
a car rolls over the street of wheat
bridges rising distance murmurs table slam
shut providing sense of emergency
sideways strikes of light here at this
bench length of wooden forests inhale
exits flock across waterway someone’s
eyebrow to gain a pass to enter slow doorways
made to resemble the posture of bodies
stones beneath motions of a creaking floor
board to a hole in the ground of a person thinking
clouds untouched by induced hands
to sway from an idea power outage too many
animals crammed in the circuit
legislation carries


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