reveals new-born occurrences
in moment beating-wings
ushers a color of energetic mountains
from the surface of the bathroom mirror Oriole
helps archeological digs uncover inner chambers of a style of swingsets
costumes and the relation to all things in the forest of particles
weaving a greater river forming breathing Orioles
vibration harp plucked sunsets melting glass from the sides of doll eyes,
heavily constructed orbital coherence, a song
instructs reflection to mimic each note in the throat as it
learns to become an instrument:
puddle’s singular invention after the rain
within reach of tree tops extending fingers
attention to diet, fruits and vegetables, Oriole
will teach to strengthen food choices, Oriole
uses surrounding resources weaves designs of spider akin mastery
masonry and architecture, bulldozers and wrapping paper
are there utilities not in use in the garage of ancestry
in the attic of hammer that would help with resources? Oriole
will teach to use what is available
drywood to reveal unseen doorways, Oriole eggs
are incubated 11-14 days, an opportunity of wonder
to stand on a ledge of time to scan the horizon of a sphere
placed at the end of a line to extract memories when they appear Oriole
will teach by ear pressed to earth’s heart
sing a tightly woven song with the joy of many doorways
earth’s outcome the sound of vibration a new egg hatches
from the lips of the unknown.


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