it’s cold in here more than I would
like to address because I don’t have a
heater and the address in here is not
the address outside this house I live
inside this address which I must send
address from here to the address of the
you who needs this as I do when
received causing the cold to break
down at the seams and split heat leaks
from center of its seams’ meet
meet seams leak from their spread tulip
leaves and I may lie down and enter
as walls surrounding fold over
body of the person who inhabits this
space of thunder-lips pressing two
sides around this shadow encompassing it
to heat purring machine boiling
water out of air pressure sending
formations from here-to-there with an
authority of power addressed in a moist
hand of flowers as the forest opens wide
inhaling a stag as it approaches a pond
of many colors and the walls fade
to the luster of the walls in this flower
as the human asleep addressed by the
weather en-flowers-cold in here more than
whatever it would bring a person to
send kind flowers without knowing if
the sound of a voice belongs to a
scent in the window of the house I
live in a house made of tulips held as heater
dripping addresses across the floor
builds seams stone hard flat carpet cold
in here more than I would like because
I am home


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