the faucet won’t work
it’s clogged
or water comes out all clumpy

mucus or shocks from the sides of an
electric-parade of monkeys

swaying to the sounds of car tires

on cold rainy asphalt glossy lips
and perfume

robin red ready performs a silhouette of a song
consisting of tiny mirrors

fractalizing stained glass and the silent blame
that lives within them

displaying a heritage across a wrist-watch
but needing to ignore these curtains until movies regain them
or what limbs never had

replacement before placement is named
can reform actually cabinet the consciousness that
papers to entrust the listed necessity to occupied

or does the doormat know too much information
and someone is waiting for oil to spill its guts about
where it’s really coming from


those are papers not events and issues contain
breakfast a world away from the things reading
can do but jump to the gun and pull the shade’s trigger
no one sees

what’s behind the screen
except for a robot named TV
who joins in a choir of internet commercials
to help insure

home owners don’t lose more health care
as their bones

fall to the floor
chatter on starfish
those are stones made of plaster-rabbits

out the roof of the house
from the framed door before conviction
settles hinged whereabouts

people are somewhere between
creaking and the

hallway to get to the bathroom


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