No Sign of Space

every night spiders crawl across the floor
at flood point
we’re suppose to climb to safety

but without ropes or hands of skin
reaching for our hands below
what kind of body would we expect

to become dragged out of a shell
and left to decay among distant ruin

smoke-sun the signals pixel a door
if this is daylight then what is sorrow


beyond these walls a dog barks
and it’s normal for them
to dress a weather by the sound of its snout

everyone knows what letters speak of
when they are present in the boxes
they are found in

if this were a note in an envelope
it would contain a single strand of C
displaying its innocent, alone, tone

across the harmonies of
what the sky
appears when it’s naked of deformity and

with an extended hand


to reach me
it would have to be something of great catastrophe
water pouring over the lip of the mountain

spilling into the town below


or no one has pulled the alarm switch
and shadows still stretch below neon
screen light listening to internet commercials

dial tone an ingredient to the ear for
pick up and lift off when—

after the message is over
it’s time to build a bridge with a coupon
and this is the meeting of our

glances casting across restaurants
tucked beneath fine print
and we are the strangers crawling through the gnarl of

your mind


tt hasn’t stopped raining
it hasn’t stopped raining
it hasn’t stopped


childrens’ movies haunt the ceiling
possessing it to sing
songs of what it doesn’t understand,
o look

twirl and reveal a dried leaf
the grass won’t need a good mowing
for another few weeks

apples will fall
and a collection of them will make a portrait of the sky
someone said

let’s put a factory here
it’s great for the economy and family is important
another whale

beside the oil spew in California

out of a popcorn-seat
the relief display a plot and all of its animal characters
no sign of me

in this picture


a cause for

to hang

from the
walls of street lights

somber grapefruits



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