The Grass Grazing Plains

That a particle is no-thing in relation to the non-referibility of any other parts surrounding it. To identifying the unit, the unit, as the particle, the no-thing, it is. Space, filled with particles, particles between particles, and space between a particle filled with particles, and space between those particles. Space as a particle of another space-particle. The hospital is over there, the indoor shopping mall over there. Gravity cannot be blocked and all objects at a non-zero temperature radiate electromagnetically. Helplessly being oneself, mostly not identified consciously. Having not consciously identified the curvature of space-time, its corresponding consequence also goes unnoticed; implications of which are the hidden vows of denial; for there is no thing that is not a thing; it is only that a thing is only what it is, even among similar species of thing. Yet relational and proportional to what? X and Y axis remain as property of the ‘personal’ and tied within the sphere of the brain’s neurology. Mirror affect: the production of space-time generates a force. When in the presence of another, the mass of the presence is directly proportional to the thing, these things are when in the presence of each other, thing of their masses as a mass, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them: countries mass troops into a region.

Here is another region of reaching into the foreground ripping bones of the alphabet out their sockets. Nothing of excess dangles. The constituting factors of these forces are without accordance. However, extremities of reaching into anything is made of foreground(s). A complete undercurrent of regional tension is a

sphere which has no use for parts of parts; the hospital and the shopping center are one thing—a trajectory extension of light without a density of photons constituting breath. The extremities: a direction are spheres. A trajectory extension, space, remains at horizon with photons of itself, a physiology-table, that of light and breathing. Extremities of a table, trajectories. Grass plains table grazes evenly, the trajectory shadow of itself. Grass plains, triangles of an inclination, another of two shadows in plain sight, hormonally attract another, honest within trajectory, as when, trajectories withhold the triangle direct gesture sharing thoughts, the triangle is called into name. When a trajectory inflates in trajectory, infuses adjacent triangles parallel another, each parallel triangles on, and trajectories standing to the side of the other called into naming is indicative of spacial relations of which all of this stands on. A rounded triangle top smoothed at its tip, a triangle greater than a perfection. A sharp A. Triangle less than perfection triangle: boundary, an extremity of these things. A person is that, within any boundary or set of boundaries. Sphere grassy plain of a person within one of trajectory’s shadow, such that all trajectories collapse upon their shadows, from one sphere among many resting within a person parallel to all others. And a circle, named in the center of the sphere generating a perimeter of another, circle, any trajectory appearing disappearing through the center, executed by directions of the circulation of the circle; such trajectory dissects the circle. A semicircle: person trapped by perimeter-circulation cut off, and in the middle of the semicircle—clone of the circle. Rectangle-people, those withheld trajectories, triangle-people being those withheld by many quadrilateral people, who are those, withheld by four-legs of a table, multilateral people, those within more than four legs of a table more shadows’ shadows. Of triangle people, an equilateral triangle has A as parallel, isosceles, two legs two arms, alone: parallel of its own shadow, as the scalene which is not parallel. Further trilateral people, triangle triangle, triangle angle, a blunt top triangle that has a blunt top, and a sharper triangle triangle which is sharp. Quadrilateral people, a box, both equilateral and triangle; oblong triangle not equilateral; a parallelogram, an equilateral not triangle; a parallelogram without background nor biography triangles’ parallel neighboring neither equilateral nor triangle. Let quadrilateral people know themselves by their names. Equal trajectories are trajectories, clones in the grass grazing plains appear manufactured extending indefinitely into the past into the future not sexually attracted to one another in either direction.


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