It is possible these intersections of light could mingle and cause a passage way through time into the heart of the climactic moment of inevitable epiphany. But the insight, or rather the geometry that transports location through a tunnel is an illusion of structure as built by a drywall of speaking to help enable a sensory elucidation for perceptions to land. But perhaps this is unkind, as it is not the most tangible representation possible, and therefor misleading, allowing side-tracks to wander into places of excess spending in order to fulfill a personal agenda with other congruencies, which might actually correspond to the precision of a geometry, however in this scenario, such sideways of determination is an example of where twists in the turning and enveloping inhalations of traction do occur. The most tangible representation would be to un-negotiate the habitual usage of goal, and reroute the perception to a flat-bread approach of an open-palm-horizon. The placement of a line for things to line up is a mirror affect of capitalism the brain it bought and the brain which bought the psychological room of action. This room can identify the things in line that make up a line, and when the line collapses, as it will, (death), the psychological production goes with it, (to a degree). But it is in the degree which did not go with it, that self-deception becomes real, and like undeveloped muscles to lift a ton of weight in a second becomes unreasonable, and contains no known measurable account for when or how muscles could have been built. Built by what foundation? While the open-palm-horizon is more of the parallel representation necessary for clarifying speech, it is also the sense that inevitable epiphany is out side of consumption culture, and therefor contains evidence of potential human behavior and qualities of interaction that are not actualized or happening just yet in real time. And this epiphany of illuminating depth haunts the cores of the human, and from the brains’ non-bought location, shaking the walls of capitalism within the psyche of its own participation. This haunted location of the brain illuminated during epiphany can never become consumption in a system of economic governance, as we know, and so there is suffering; suffering until the epiphany is full exteriorized and uncompromisingly walking through the walls of capitalism. And when this occurs—it may resemble death, but it may also resemble what cannot be contained in the walls of a human body. Light has many forms one of them is the refraction it disperses when engaged upon water droplets. We’ve all seen this quality of beauty. It is uncompromising.


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