Now, snap pact-tactics, split-tacks, platter-a-tick-patch
a gap to a point spoons have to pass for a lapse back,
a floating smoke-stack, taunted by no one
born in lung’s heat
ending time, tomb of burnt up

caption any-and-all talk, smoking a spine-hawk and all that
mist heard about streets muting a small-walk,
lies tainted with junkyards, slot-change, furniture crimes don’t scare treaty-reason-life-called to rust causal silent stars

what newts eat, each
look a little future

to the center of a phone-pipe
non-microwaveable lemons ripen a peach-tree,
this rises muffled chopped off hours
a chair loosen steaming untied feet,

bones part thrown,

loosened breathing gutted lime-verdict smiling back-cage hoops udder, lugs, foggy-goggle clot, trials, law,
borders a pill-wall
spelled out a piped-climb toll-simulated faucet-pocket semi-motionless

never key-ring copied
seams stilt passing rudder sorry spasm from sap-trees

straps stranded hushing passages
mass paddled leaches seeking
sown-tongue planted
bumpy spots

lawn patch stepping separate,
parts slowly, solo nowhere

pressing cd or cassette stone-well
visit of mud sag itchy air,
a-gulp, marriage clump-of-hair
system smoked salmon, trees

floating now owe merging
go with the boat about to
the clone of time

All that jacketed straight spit tied the heart to drive through
smiles, lift faces, something the ponds of ducks do,

pug-nosed, squiggly, wrinkled drill-bit
spacesuit captives,

someone split-axe runs to out run static covered backwards,
leg ripping out of the hunt,

another cough up

chopped time shows painted free-dials
slumped aisles
prowl a mile strewn vile telling who vows
another diced-ventricle-victory

it’s a river
time smokes skulls, brain blister-ridged
all fuzz, dirt, lizards, does reason
get the things reason needs? Remember
how cistern-vesication mutated leather
leopard-mapped-sand you can’t kill,
stepping out of dreams, meals

slice a road of justice mines
diamonds chew noose away
compact butane

unzipped splintered light,
treat past lines of a switch in a ditch of carbonator-angelic rust
transporting spore assured wing spread

dust jumping

thinking rooms might restrain liability
someone might ripen
tightening useless wet mittens
in lumber-money

water rights

all luck falls,
booked upon lopped vaults
sown pine towns to a metal floor, luck
rides non-earth-core
swinging folding four-legged air flow
time smoke’s ripple
the clone of detonation

as if parental-wooden bothers to pull dirges
empty of a single drop,
tarn stripped rivulet-chain
if time sees disagreement,
tool-box registers verdict dripped

extending versions of slide-show,
sides no one can deframe,
a pigeon trek,
jimmy the door whose swift lifts the bucket
tired of risking dice magpies

place a price to neck high
bet by rattling bell-riding fences on middle sky chances

never use a mute plunger,
wrecks the tiller
trace of jaw sweat
know patched kids spent lime
and a crumb trimmed route,
feast of no threat

without cause loosen mold
hoarding spent
what un-formed birds graze

steeling competition’s thief dragging grownup-forms
a worm’s wake

quick to strip skin off a spoiled generator,
bored humming ignored trench non-ordered floored for a
proof in the footing
poof went the shoestring
collar-bone not wooden

requires more than an axe to snapdragon,
bless the children

muscular-taxed facially inevitably racially basement’s read
paid to breathe,
what a make-believe closet’s water-dam
a human without skeletal significance

this trashcan traction tractor attracts contrition
split-pee incision
indited eyes to a beef digestible plastic sleeplessness
not rested

testing the tie neck hangs by a non-slept yet heads off
to the next gas station
and buy steps’ ladder to climb with
match what to do,
with what to say,
and what lives
proven dry air surfaces

merges vital rooms
packing them
with a given helmet

molds other udders a ton-of-cow
home and stripes whiff mint bites
what light risks, then off
to say “I quit”

steam here, rocks, stones, pebbles,
what a tulip beautiful dog bark
froth chewing space upon a concrete maze,

paper plus a teeth to gum on a tongue of barbwire,
time to clone



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