ordinary hat trick

shard dissolving
teaspoon crest of a wave
collapsing roman pillars


spider silk

in every direction

people fill seams
needle sticks

wades through holes

rails follow

magnetic drips


chairs and lamps

through tunnel-frequency

building sponges exhale

exits neon

into a cartoon

swings hear this
and chirp accordingly

chimneys rise from a forest

ovens are caked in mud pies

ears titled away from window

binoculars greet
of mail

quickly hand me the scissors

entrances gain momentum from the rubber acquired by trash bins

harvesting craigslist

a found detonation pocket when ready

trains continue even after coal

dropped off

what makes anybody think their different

how to apply sesame seeds to the dot


skeletal remix

and sift sand away enough

to actually apply

very few when death

can unworm the tapestry as it unravels from the corners of the mouth of a wall

religion lied

basements crawl and starve electricity when

grains of wheat broadcast signal nestled in nesting


atop of mountains of

camera angles of
ordinary hat tricks

as if the kitchen
were vitality

and numbers could obey

weather patterns

demarcated usual in blue ink


of a squirrel


for jumping



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