Magazine Drop Off Day pt.1

Gasoline. Now into the car. I’ve got the magazines and it’s time to go deliver them to animal clinics, tree nurseries, relator offices, book keepers, car dealerships, theater companies for kids, local breweries, hair and nail salons, alternative medicines, marijuana dispensaries, rock climbing clubs, indoor swimming pools, muscle building classes, kung-fu classes, dentists and family dentists, theatre companies for adults, alternative schools for children, dance classes, auto-mechanics, family grieving services, doggy hotels, universities, sub-shops, vinyl record shops, upscale fancy restaurants, cafes, eye-glass shops, and gas stations.

There are people who smoke cigarettes and work. There are people who have children and work. Each business: the face of a place that absorbs money; the people who use the services provide absorbable money. The people who provide money are the people who make money to provide; the people who make money to provide money need services because our lives are placed in many different parts across many different places across town; and we need from time-to-time to, update, upgrade, retrieve, add-on, or buy-new parts for our bodies to function properly.

Families with children care for the safety and kindness of their children, while their children are cared for, their children are growing up in a world of business and money, where all the parts of their soon-to-be-adult lives will be everywhere–and only accessed directly through money.

I slip into offices and drop the magazines off. Sometimes someone behind the front desk will see me: “thank you” they say, sometimes no one sees me at all, and sometimes someone sees me and gives me the hairy-eyebrow; waiting for me to ask them to donate to the cause of the magazine.

There’s nothing to buy and nothing to sell. I slip in with magazines and I slip out with none at all. The business is there for the customer, who, most likely has a family with children, and the customer is not welcome to be there unless 1) they are an employee who works there or 2) they are there to give money to receive services. This is not a place for friends and no one knows if death is real or not.

Parts are everywhere and everyone is driving in their cars to get them. And the people who do not have cars to get their parts are walking, taking the bus, or biking to get them. Stressed, there’s a cure, if you have money; friends are good after a long day; many hours elsewhere, away from the place-considered-a-place-one-lives; a place to live requires money; drive to make money requires money; money has a face and has a person delivering it food.

Another school shooting. While most people have rejected actively engaging their creativity for justifiable reasons, like taking care of there children and making sure there’s money for rent. Children are putting on theatrical performances because they are passionate about singing and dancing. The undercurrent of monetary transaction is too strong to yield to the values of emotional expression. Adults are the roles of the business they wear; faces for customer service. And since this is the way to run a business, this is how it must be conducted. It was the dream of someone somewhere to open auto-part stores, just as it was for a person to open a brewing company. They did it, they made their dreams come true, and now they have money (and probably kids too).

There are a lot of people alive today. All of them are something. I am not American looking, I am not tall and skinny nor tall and muscular. I am slightly round but not overweight, I’m short with curly black hair, I stand somewhat awkwardly; not in league with fast-cars or tall women who know how to flow through the wine of their expense paying interests. I deliver magazines. I can hear and understand trees.

The magazines contain an image of the culture to the business world. The image, the magazines portray, is revealed in the luxury of a consumers hands, someone who probably has children, who becomes intrigued by what the image of the culture has to entertain. There are so many great causes to donate to. And what it is, as a teacher to touch someone’s life. This is how we do things in this country, and if you test the line, there is jail.

Trash goes into the garbage can; it is sanitary that we wash our hands after using the bathroom (this is a fact). What kind of tension does a body have to become; what kind of object is it to be human; as production of time continues along, so does the production of its causal tensions; the body an object of the production of time; a person purchases an object and the same person disposes of it; children help facilitate a purchasing and disposing of_______and grow to have children who_____and this is how people become the people of fulfilling the perpetuation of separation and all the parts required to keep everything apart.

I slip into offices and drop the magazines off. Here is culture; the thing you want to do on the weekend; another theatrical event to attend; the business of what it is to sell time and to purchase its family. Everything running smooth, everything running fine.


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