I cannot tell you the point of breathing, no one can. But what one person can tell is something someone can speak. Speaking, easy as a traffic jam. Clustered with newspapers and articles of what to do. Manuals of useless information manuals. Guiding the signals of cross walk passserbys as. Passengers, car driving made of grease stains. Someone said something somewhere. An air. An air that was undeniable to inhale.

Unlearning October can be untangling a rope. To a car falling off a cliff. It can be unknotting the tongue of a talker. Who is talking.

There is a language surrounding each escape. Who hears holes exit snarl. A breathing ability animals have.

As each ending falls flat upon surface. Conversation. Hello what’s your name.


And to continue to breathe. Whether a truck about to fall off emotion. Is untied or knot by the strongman inside all of us. A circus in the circus of a forgotten letter where its. Forgotten content is intermingled in a house. Tucked away beneath what can’t easily become scratched.

Desiring to get at that thing that keeps circling. Pulling weeds from a garden. Snow in April. October tied up yelling for a scissor.


Does this answer your question. Landing in place where the place had to ask. Something and a door inside opens.

Outward to the outward world. But nobody can see what the door. That is opening is.

No one can see. The door inside the opening.


It’s not because anyone here is blind. Or not hearing. The ways a sound shapes reason to


Or because not hearing is not not here. But because here is where ears are. Are: regardless of schooling.

Required as much precision to the alphabet. As to breathing. Like the business inside the person. O yes these are the times we live in.

Excuses himself to the restroom. So as to not publically blow his nose. So as not to.

Remind us Charlie Parker is dead. As well its cultural bacteria of sound. Everything conglomerated to cheese and crackers.


The plastic which entrenches warfare and the budget. Of appropriate language. Keeps the newspaper calm, calm news is a people’s news.

And this is what keeps us. Standard/stranded for the interdependence of psychology. Cannot be spoken.

As it would be an opinion and an obstruction to citizen rights. And a lack of weather isn’t a lack of sunlight. Imposition works a two-way gun.

Watching a movie about a sniper. Can’t see the door opening behind another one.


Snow falling a hunger of un-vocalized desires. Philosophies have to gather around themselves for policy. Change by color and color becoming a normative.

Construction site for all us numbers. Regardless of tone, it’s true. The fundamental premises are in need of re.

Evaluating in order for the rotation to. Inhabit its rightful room.

And who knows when or how transformations. Of butterflies will happen, it’s best to start with an example. Stop light equals how to behave approaching stop light driving a car. And.

When this vibrational frequency is heard, 440 A. Might retire to its death bed without a last. Phrase. And with dignity die.

In the place in which a multitude of exotic jungle flowers will gather. Standing around teaching windows. What it is to cry.

And their tears will be a no-brainer; the result of finding a castle. In a mirage. A castle without governmental forces. Patrolling.

A tax free roll out of bed falling from sky-face. Of the face behind the face that is someone who. Wouldn’t have found water as easily drinkable. Without the help of.

A jungle of flowers. It will take time.

The kind of time that has no place. And remains without a country but. Pocesses a sword that cuts through asphalt and tile.

Concrete and café. Belonging to a land where a land has been ruined. Or a land that has not surfaced in the hearts of hu.

Mankind of land that is human kindness. Staring from behind the face of the face of

most people.

Not realized as the country we live in. A sleeping beauty disguise; a story where stories have died. As the result of having a body.

Where blood flows through the veins, a blood. Absent of Moses and Christ. A blood without a book.

Attached to the air, the air is enough to. Converse with as. Conversationalist can learn to. Hear what. Elements speak when.

Such a time arrives. A myth.

A myth, golden Christ and Moses. A myth.

Boring and dogmatic and intrusive as war. A myth that contains nothing but soup ingredients. And the nameable crystal texture of healthy flowing water.

Useless to the eyes and ears of working men. Of working women. Useless for flushing toilets or driver’s education. A.

Thing in the bones which the bones cannot hold dear. A thing which is not a table nor chair. Annoying the listener whose eye-pods are. Ear-drums, circuits for.

Meeting strangers. Point of wearing clothes and having cellular functions. Waiting.


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