Snowing in April

where all the fences curl under the finger of this frost bitten tongue bolted across rooms to serve an angel—and who would contrast the complexion of bricks as they slender across a wide range of purple? Perhaps its distance in her guise, again strolling across corners and building nuclear fists; tunnels hold hamsters by the neck and straddle elephants with pliers as China tea cups smash glued lenses bringing about theatres of mega-ton wastes—water down bridges less, no thanks, industrious towards real tables which chair when requested and bring forth frosting bubbles escorting capital letters to discuss lament—who contains beneath grin seldom answers shortage of meltdown—welcomes have no denial in grace—closed around a butchered throat—spoons dislodge operation un-orderly and contemplates gorges against size—canyons escape ladders and down thirst quicker than bottles airplane against granite which scissor humanshaped octagons from castle insisted octopus beneath larkspur—grownups know less of this than a triggered reactive hunt held hostage by plaster wrapped mummy tries of perfection—swollen guts within normal limits of teething each occupant to sleep—receipt please, as she holds out her hand and in it a tree


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