I want to tell you what I’m most terrified to tell anyone but the words take to astral before they even have the chance to conform. I was 7 when my heart broke; one day when I came home from 1st grade. I ‘knew the world wasn’t for me,’ I I’ve come to see this as = to spirals escape dragon-mouthed windows while flashing  mud-bridges to metalic-eyes swollen behind glass, gasping for a reflection out of what they’re already out of – I’ve come to see this = I know the world is for me because I am the world, the world isn’t for anyone or anything, the world is a notion imposed upon the psyche from a left-brain Descartes obsessed water-drain = I know the world is for me because I am the world doesn’t make any sense in the reasonable unfolding sequence of perception but only in the reasonable unfolding sequence of reason; reason is conceptuality and is not the phenomena of experiencing. Knowing the world therefor is knowing the transparency of faces, the makeup of faces on makeup-faces which perform faces’ makeup to faces; which by seeing this, is not a social-fabric, but a poignant posturing with the posturing real vibration language is.(alone):[as place to meet the alone of language-other-outside, alone inside-meeting-outside-other’s-alone.Meeting, alignment-harmony-union-inseparbility-oneness]. There is no compromising, yet learning to yield to see and hear what a stop sign says and know from the roots of these symmetrical beneath beneaths we are mutually interdependent and therefor multi-dimensional therefor living in different times different spaces simultaneously, even as or especially as, we are sharing the ‘same’ space at the ‘same’ time. ‘Same’ and not same because ‘same’ is a matter of connecting the symmetry of this moment,(corresponding to the symmetry, demanded by the manifesting qualities, information, the moment provides–hearing/knowing how to meet it), of which there is no reality the same but only close in proximation or distant by degrees. Measure expands, measure can have degrees. The standards of our social-cultural-economic norms and evolution are degraded, at places butchered, at places severed by neglect–and in some places, and very few places: places of vibrancy, connection, abundance, flow, and infinity–standards are a lot higher because the direction of the sky is obvious and uncompromising and provides a context for having habits of wrongful thinking and wrongful seeing to become ripped out. Ripped out with delight and appreciation for the freedom of what it is to think and see correctly–which is what the trees and the breeze are and not what the museum of credential ladder climbing appealing to the operation of daily mutilating routines and general frequencies of negativity do–nope. And that we humans can be humans within domestication and not be of it–can sound like a profound elitist theory, and is a profound non-elitist theory (having seen what lightning is wanting to share what it is)  but the elite who have the ability to propose such a radical theory (or explanation) are not exclusive because the knowledge possessed is a knowledge on the door locks which fasten the human psyche and the heart of human experience–as all of this can sound like a mythic jungle where, in the depths of the forests lays buried in the complexities of experience a golden palace made from the nature of the heart of reality, with its golden shine gleaming beaconing infinitely powered by the power of what is indestructible–space and how space un-adorningly functions. All of which is a romantic portrait of a palace and an image possibly found in fairy tales or an allegory for the value of searching to find some training for the mind, (which is not ontological as defined by traditional definition but psychosomatic), so, experientially the nature of being can become known and therefor no longer an elitist theory, but to actually, straight-forwardly, perceive the non-conceptual abiding birth-right provided by our human predisposition–and why would anyone desire to enter into such a training if there is no affirmation of social meaning attached to it? i.e. there is no world the world is a part of i.e. the promise of money the promise of society and everything everyone wants for us or from us?–there’s no promise none. As there is nothing that can be materially or substantially obtained/attained from such mind-training because it suggests that the incorrect ways of thinking and seeing, which inhabit us, haven’t been the dynamics of trees and wind within us, but echoed in the rigidity and marching-death-trance of the capitalist machine but in fact is the endless addiction to suffering, which is not subjected to a time or place (to an ism), but is an uninformed or unformed behavioral mechanism(s) within the species: an addiction, which must be ripped out from the root. In any case standards can be higher than we can imagine, especially the standards of nature, standards to which we can actually become dismantled of wrongful-standards in order to experience the possibility of what it is to live up to, standards of organic, sincere, naked, open, vulnerably exposing measures–which we as humans can actually live up to, and feel dignity, confidence, and courage in so-doing–and if we do decide to begin to live to the measure of the trees and the wind within the bio-rhythmic realities of our actual heartbeats–and when we do begin to consistently choose to live by these rhythms and patterns (not towards a perfection of living by them but as a training towards precisely living by them)–the implication of living up to the standards of the earth and sky in our human nature, contains within it, seed impressions of ultimate freedom, grounded and understood within the confines of the domesticated disease which surrounds us. I know I am a mouse speaking inside a cage to a bunch of mirrors but perhaps one of the mirrors will hear itself, the mouse, and speak as a mouse instead of as a mirror. It is helpful for this mouse: I understand the limitations of this medium for speaking(joyful-limitations), a mouse finding helpfulness through the medium in a variety of ways–all of which would take a lot of time to explain and all of which will become exorcised into light through time; all of which, by having identified them in myself, have consequentially provided a context on the empowerment of these mediumistic limitations(joyful); expectations are clear and the directionality is unfolding in one line (not a linear line but a line =ing the dimensions of identified trajectory). The truck outside, a smell of spring, the absence of the bodily life of my friend Mark Jansen–missing his laughter and gestures–and yet knowing the symmetry which corresponds to all things: trust. Alone a multitude of wind-chimes, alone, wind-chimes the world of wind.


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