Often understood as unrelenting calcified in the…or even disreputable member of hemispheres: wonder. Regulations. Set light can stretch, in all its many endurances, wonder: neglected household space dwells when remaining as an un, by elastic contradictions substantial distortions exchange: eyelids eyelids. Smaller, a house can become maintain when water hasn’t fully developed yet and mirrors equal traditional idiom, a persistent suggestion built from off-switch(inventions) commodified over arteries; what isn’t brought: lips. An exhausted, confused, daylight pointing deflated standard for application: to coffee. Wonder, dressed, harmless by-knot-addressed gestures of window from clothing; it is to wake. Details threshold’s ebb, unignorable persistent, at worst, a polite bulb stand-in; washing dishes paper-towel: because. [There] used to be slogans for to-know-quality; unformed-back-in-the-skull; hands: considerations for dis-posing muscled. But when wonder, now considered opposing sunlight appears optional, happenstance, even when it is a house, (memories can do this, especially when not recognized for category); ghosts. In this way photos, tangible pears bananas in a clay bowl, thought within curves meaning can be prior to wonder; human taste. Identical bowl, roundedness, suggested can be spoken in many wonders—or even decayed celluloid, as when simple ordinary integrity non-gestured window; offered as alternative bulbs of. Wonder, conceived shiny tracts for what is essential; even as truth a garnish, builds calcified around: what it is to hear, to see, to have hands.


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