Baby Elephant

Last night, a dear friend of mine, gave me a sweet baby female elephant, whom I named Vortex. But I don’t know how to use this. I have applied to work as a live-in care-person, (something I’ve done in the past). Each breath is itself alone. Comparison is sickness beside a relational pair of eyes. Birds outside. Or whatever to place here, perhaps it is architecture. A city once a town. All us weirdos with no place to belong as the only non-place to be. Without location is there is possibility? Or what kind of possibility might it be? Here is an internet location for a singular person; indicative of these times. Collapse of family structure or gather around the TV. Politics and religion, remain elsewhere from the present. I mean to tell you what each meaning does upon what it is meaning is for you. Here is this thing that is only this thing that only you could tell others about. No one understands you and this is freedom of the constitution etcetera. Excuse my preaching, it is what happens when there is no echo. Perhaps newspapers, even with their write-in columns, are still walls talking to themselves talking to. Whoever is on the other side of what it is that feels the defining substance of what constitutes information. Here I want to say this, I want cornflakes this morning. Does the basketball land when it briefly touches the court floor? Or does briefly touching anything only resemble a touch of ground?–which perpetuates the butterfly wings of industrial pollution–in the brain or in the membrane unit of mortgage? In any case the product does walk the thought to a neighborhood for potential experience, as each road travels its neurological pathway, as a set of codes, now undeniably affecting what it is for anything to be affected? Now open your palm and look at it. That was directive but do directives help a work-crew of assembly lines? 5 days, 7 hour shifts. Menial tasks teach maturity, endurance, and appreciation towards life-circumstances; or the heart simply hears these windows and speaks. It depends on how these little twitches input ex-put. Grey sky, sycamore tree. I will be moving from this house soon. I might gain the opportunity for an interview today, as a live-in care person, we shall see.


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